You can forget about it. All of it!

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You can forget about it. All of it!

That presentation to be ready by Thursday. The contract to be drafted by noon tomorrow. The news release to every investor overnight. And that package they’re expecting an hour from now! 

When you’ve got good support staff, you can turn it over and forget about it! Especially when they can handle word processing, phone-in dictation, accounting, even fax broadcasting.

And the best of it is, you didn’t have to hire them. Or renovate the space. Or buy the furnishings, or install the computers and phone system. You didn’t even have to make the coffee. 

In our integrated, automated Offices in the Marine Building, we’ve already worked out all the countless details involved in managing an office: including long-distance discounts, voice/fax/ data technology, customs expediting, copier maintenance, quick printers, even catering services. 

All you have to do is move in and make things happen. And even before you need an office, you can take advantage of this prestige location by using our corporate identity plan, complete with custom business stationery. 

Call today to visit your newly furnished, fully staffed, totally equipped view rental offices in this renowned downtown Vancouver landmark. Call (604) 683-8604. 

OFFICES IN THE MARINE BUILDING -We do our job, so you can do yours. 


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